sobota, 21 maja 2011

"It’s probably a reflection of my own, if I may say, loneliness."

Today, when I was dressing up I thought more about working on my parents farm than fashion but when I was taking photo of my face to see how will I look with Tao Okamoto's haircut I saw that I remind myself of someone that can be in Edward's Hopper painting. Next I thought about Andrzej Wajda's movie "Tatarak" with brilliant polish actress Krystyna Janda. In this movie you can see a lot of influence from Hopper's art.

Here I am wearing H&M jeans shorts and a light green shirt which used to be my sister's. I guess you could call it vintage or maybe young-vintage. It has 10-15 years. It's not vintage yet (I read that piece must be 25 y.o. to call it vintage) but still - OLD.

The Edward's Hopper esthetic goes perfectly with the topic and feeling of this movie. The never-ending, final and deep loneliness. Maybe that's why I like it so much.  Both: the movie and Hopper's art.

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