sobota, 14 maja 2011

a little bit of fashion week

Last Sunday we went to see Maldoror fashion show. It was a last day of polish fashion week and I must say that it was an overwhelming experience. I thought that the fashion show is inside the bulding but apperantly it started outside as well. It was funny to see all this 'fashion people' in their funny and sometimes crazy and creppy outfits. Their gave the word 'overdressed' (or should I say 'over-costumed') a new meaning.
 I didn't take photos of 'fashion people' but as you can see there were a lot of bloggers.

ANYWAY. The show was interesting but not so inspiring as I would like it to be. The words which I would describe it are: dark, vampire, weird, NOT-ready-to-wear. I took some pics

have a lovely Saturday!

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