czwartek, 9 czerwca 2011

inspiration #2

statements for today!
1. details on everything! (I just hate summer just because the clothes in summer are so boring. It's always to hot to wear some shirts or sweater. You just have to stick with the t-shirt or dress. This year I decided to re-make everything in my closet to make it more fun and excited, any ideas?)
2. light and romantic make up! I just started using Manhattan Clearface fluid perfect mat and it's awsome. You can't tell that you wear make up. Also I must add some new colors on my nails! So... I bought today 3 new from H&M :>

3. New shoes! I need to star wearing heels! Just for my own well-being, really. I don't know if I make any sense in english but I feel like I need to wear heels. It's almost impossible in a day-to-day life because I'm always running: to school or from school (yeah, I'm running from school just becouse I'm hungry ;P), but I'm going to change it! If Carrie Bradshaw could do this, I can! ;)

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  1. 1. mieszaj i łącz kolory - tego lata na pewno zadziała. I spróbuj zestawienia t-shirt+nożyczki ;)
    2. simply beautiful make ups ♥
    3. kup mniej, a lepsze. Zara, Aldo - w nich na pewno dasz radę śmigać po mieście i w dodatku dłużej ! a na wypadek zmęczenia miej w torebce .... przenośne baleriny ! :)


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