środa, 13 lipca 2011

0$ - skirt DIY

Recently I realised that I have thing in my closet that I don't wear and in fact I haven't been wearing for few years. Due to my BIG mess in my soon-to-be-old small room I decided to give those things one last chance and re-creating them in something that I will wear.
Today I re-made a skirt that I don't really remember why I bought. Maybe it was a church skirt or something. Now it was too long and boring for me.
...so I decided to cut it short!
 My skirt has a lining so I left it a little longer and straight. The second layer I cut shorter and a little bit uneven just for that extra fun ;] You can measure how short you can cut your skirt just by a toothpic:

et voila! better quality pics soon! I must find me some good 'photographer'

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