sobota, 23 lipca 2011

DIY: truly yours eyeshadows

Who knew that cleaning would transform into a eyeshadow making! Some time ago I watched a tutorial on youtube by makeUPsamoUK and since then I wanted to make myself some new eyeshadow or blush and when I was packing my make-up and other beauty products to move it to a new room I noticed that I have so many old eyeshadows, blushes and powders that I don't use! I know that my parents won't be very happy to see me mixing colors instead of emptying my closets but well... what can I do, really? Inspiration is an inspiration! Am I right or am I right?! Go check makeUPsamoUK's tutorial and other viedos TUTORIAL and her chanel: makeUPsamoUK. It's in polish but may I add to the eyeshadow/blush tutorial: She is adding some alcohol to it. The rest of the tutorial I think you should understand just by looking at what she is doing even If you don't speak polish.

 Results: One blush, two new shadows and one shadow that was broken - now: solid as new!

Have a great day!

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