sobota, 6 sierpnia 2011

polish products 001

Lately I've been very inspired by the youtube videos and its haul's and different cosmetic products reviews that while I was watching the videos I imagine myself reccomending something to people or totally opposite - saying it's such a shitty thing that you shouldn't even look at this not mention spend your money on it.
I should say that it's pretty hard to find something good in Poland that was mentioned on youtube because lots of this stuff is not availabe here except by the internet. That's why I am so proud to discover new companies that are based here in Poland. One of them that I love is Ziaja. You can google it for some details about its history and ideas. Here I want to tell you about "Ziaja de-makijaż" (Ziaja make-up remover) that is absolutely amazing! I must say that I have VERY sensitive eyes. Even If I don't wear any make-up when I go out despite If it's cold or hot outside I am crying like a little baby. My eyes get very watery from sun, from cold, from rain, from EVERYTHING! But this products keep them un-touched. It's very delicate and effective in removing make-up at the same time. It has three versions: duo phase, moisturizing and gentle. I tried first two of them and I must say that I prefer the moisturizing verion because duo phase it's a little too oily for me. It will be perfect for dry skin! It's also very cheap. I paid for it something like 5-6 zł (it's about 2$ ?) and it last for few months!

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