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back to school report!

Yes, yes... it's school again! Well, not for me personally, because I have a month left till my 3rd year starts. BUT! Today when I was walking through the city I notice that young people accually can dress well and tidy (says person in hoodie and gressy hair) and I can say that majority af those girls are inspired by CW shows like 90210 or Gossip Girl ;)

please, dress like this more!!! (said a girl in hoodie and with gressy hair)


I DO NOT LIKE SERENA. At all. No. I am not like that crazy girl with brother in jail. I just don't like her character although it's very well written. She's suppose to be an idiot who always thinks she's right (she never is.) and finds her another great love once a month. On the show we have seen practicly every part of her body. (WOW. If you're a guy you can say that you've seen Serena van der Wodsen NAKED) It very much fits into her character but unfortunately doesn't fit me.

serena by justyna-stpnik featuring a ball pumping


Blair Waldorf is propably one of my favourite characters in tv series of all time. How her character transform is incredibly well written. And Leighton Meester manage to keep up with Blair and her transformation of feelings and clothes. She grew up. 

blair by justyna-stpnik featuring a silk blouse


Annie is not from LA?! What?! She's LA. How she speaks, how she walks, how she dresses. Tell me: how she manage to still live with all those jumpers on full sun and temperature propably higher that LA's hills?

annie przez justyna-stpnik z wykorzystaniem high waisted skirts


 Silver is cool, silver is independent though her character misses that lately. But we'll see. Now she's pretending that she is a little bit more older than she is. She's playing grown-up.

silver przez justyna-stpnik z wykorzystaniem short shorts

naomi clarks

Naomi is classy but HAVE to make sure that everybody knows that she's the fabulous of fabulous and pretty rich too.

naomi clarks by justyna-stpnik featuring a stretch skirt

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