sobota, 3 września 2011


It's not really a cooking blog but well... it's so styleishly delicious!

It's kinda similar and inspired by this video
(superb girl btw!). I made some changes due to lack of products in my kitchen at the moment of making it.

you'll need:
1 vanilla pudding
whipped cream
fresh fruits!(I used black raspberries and raspberries from my parents garden)
buttery cookies with chocolate
chocolate bar

1. make vanilla pudding or if you have it already done, skip this step.
2. whip the cream or if you have it whipped - skip the step ;P
3. crush the cookies, but leave some parts bigger than others or if you have it crushed... ha! no cookies are already crushed! :P
4. add ingridients in order you want (mine was: 3 spoons of pudding, some whipped cream, cookies, fruits...etc etc). Use for this whatever you want. I used some wine glasses.
5. add some chocolate bar for decoration and extra suprise for the consumer ;] and sprinkle it all over.

bon appetite!!

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