niedziela, 19 czerwca 2011

a tiny piece of heaven

dream come true

Yay! It seems like my childhood dream will come true and I will have a bigger room in my parents house :) It was impoissible earlier due to the fact that I was living with older brother and sister, and since I was the youngest I got the smallest room. But soon it will change!! lalala! ;) some inspiration:

piątek, 17 czerwca 2011


A part of the shoot we made yesterday. 
This headband is still available If you would like to purchase it. (go to FOR SALE) I'm still thinking about where I should sell it. Maybe on I don't know yet.

model: Paulina

wtorek, 14 czerwca 2011

SINGLE headband sneak peek

A little sneak peek of new headband that i am making. It will be available in a couple of days.
1. Because I feel like to. 2. Because now it looks like a headband for bride and I don't want that. It will have one more color added ;)

sobota, 11 czerwca 2011

Love and Other Disasters - Alek Keshishian (2006)

 A little bit of inspiration from "Love and other disasters". The movie itself isn't sth spectacular, acting could be better, but the overall movie is nice, simple and realaxing. Costumes seem to be simple and nothing special but still, you can see some influece from Audrey Hepburn, 60s and some classic pieces.

czwartek, 9 czerwca 2011

inspiration #2

statements for today!
1. details on everything! (I just hate summer just because the clothes in summer are so boring. It's always to hot to wear some shirts or sweater. You just have to stick with the t-shirt or dress. This year I decided to re-make everything in my closet to make it more fun and excited, any ideas?)
2. light and romantic make up! I just started using Manhattan Clearface fluid perfect mat and it's awsome. You can't tell that you wear make up. Also I must add some new colors on my nails! So... I bought today 3 new from H&M :>

3. New shoes! I need to star wearing heels! Just for my own well-being, really. I don't know if I make any sense in english but I feel like I need to wear heels. It's almost impossible in a day-to-day life because I'm always running: to school or from school (yeah, I'm running from school just becouse I'm hungry ;P), but I'm going to change it! If Carrie Bradshaw could do this, I can! ;)

piątek, 3 czerwca 2011

10 minutes of creativity

I'm overwhelmed by the exams so I thought that I need 10 minutes of creativity, sooo I grabed my camera and snaped a few quick shots.
Wearing my new favourite second hand sweater and Vero Moda jeans.
This time I was inspired by a great and moving movie "Kynodontas" directed by Giorgos Lanthimos. I also added my review of the film (it's in polish only). Enjoy!