niedziela, 24 lipca 2011

there's another girl in me

Everyone is always telling me that I look just like my mother. I take is as a complement because I think she is the most beautiful woman in the world for me. I just adore her hair at her and my dad's wedding day. I've always wanted to have my hair the same way as she did and today I managed to do that! I am not posting a picture of her and my dad just because they won't be feeling comfortable about that.
It's so good to be inspired by your own mom <3

wearing: self-made skirt, Cubus shirt and SH flowery t-shirt

sobota, 23 lipca 2011

DIY: truly yours eyeshadows

Who knew that cleaning would transform into a eyeshadow making! Some time ago I watched a tutorial on youtube by makeUPsamoUK and since then I wanted to make myself some new eyeshadow or blush and when I was packing my make-up and other beauty products to move it to a new room I noticed that I have so many old eyeshadows, blushes and powders that I don't use! I know that my parents won't be very happy to see me mixing colors instead of emptying my closets but well... what can I do, really? Inspiration is an inspiration! Am I right or am I right?! Go check makeUPsamoUK's tutorial and other viedos TUTORIAL and her chanel: makeUPsamoUK. It's in polish but may I add to the eyeshadow/blush tutorial: She is adding some alcohol to it. The rest of the tutorial I think you should understand just by looking at what she is doing even If you don't speak polish.

 Results: One blush, two new shadows and one shadow that was broken - now: solid as new!

Have a great day!

piątek, 22 lipca 2011

beautiful moments

Sometimes you just need this one thing, moment to make your day beautiful and honestly joyfull. Today, for me, it was a Burberry Summer Eau de Toilette. It's so beautiful that it made me look at this day in a different way. In a brighter colors. Summer colors. What's your beautiful thing/moment?

czwartek, 21 lipca 2011

it's a comfort thing

Today I was in mood to wear heels but unfortunately it was impossible due to a lovely walk that I was having with some of my friends and a little adorable boy. His spirit requrired from me to wear something comfortable so I change my heels to a fun sneakers and added some rings and my favourite bracelet.

środa, 13 lipca 2011

0$ - skirt DIY

Recently I realised that I have thing in my closet that I don't wear and in fact I haven't been wearing for few years. Due to my BIG mess in my soon-to-be-old small room I decided to give those things one last chance and re-creating them in something that I will wear.
Today I re-made a skirt that I don't really remember why I bought. Maybe it was a church skirt or something. Now it was too long and boring for me. I decided to cut it short!
 My skirt has a lining so I left it a little longer and straight. The second layer I cut shorter and a little bit uneven just for that extra fun ;] You can measure how short you can cut your skirt just by a toothpic:

et voila! better quality pics soon! I must find me some good 'photographer'

hot summer

Did I mentioned that I don't like summer that much? It's too hot for me and I don't really like the clothes because it's to warm outside to wear them! Yesterday I bought perfect clothes! Oversized shirt and thin hammer pants. All H&M

Some pics I took when I was at my sister's house. Let me just say: i'm lovin double exposure!

Aaaa! My sister is in the soup!!

Have a great day!!

czwartek, 7 lipca 2011

Chanel Love

I love details in Chanel Fall 2001 RTW collection <3
KARL <3 Forever and ever love. 

Sedmikrasky - Věra Chytilová (1966)

After a huuge break I can say that I passed all the exams (welcome 3rd year ;D) and I'm back with many ideas and inspirations mainly from the movies that I've been learning about. Today I want to share with you with some screen prints from very strange but also very interesting and inspiring movie Sedmikrasky (in eng. Daisies) by Vera Chytilova. It's practicly a model film for Czech New Wave. I strongly reccomend you to watch it.
I promise to post some normal photos and videos in a couple of days. Now I am sitting on a floor in an empty room waiting for my parents. I'm moving home for holiday ;)