wtorek, 27 września 2011

why do you keep those toys?!

I DO NOT LIKE TO THROW THINGS. Especially from my childhood. Everybody asks me me why I keep my old toys in my family basement or even in my 'grown-up' room. Now I can show them why ;)
I won't show how to build this because I think all of us know HOW TO use legos yea? I wish I could have them more I could build something bigger, maybe a table?

niedziela, 25 września 2011

Tootsie - Sydney Pollack (1982)

Tootsie is a great combination of 80s fashion in New York's drama world. Simplicity in jewellery, Mix of colors and patterns, oversized blouses and trousers.

 Love the color combination. Simple but very effective. That's why I love this part of 80s fashion. It's not overwhealming but does its part.

 Great inspiration for decorating your mirror ;]

 just <3 don't really know why

 Shoulder pads! <3 YAY!

 Colors. Prettyyyy....

 DIY t-shirt idea!

wtorek, 20 września 2011

Top Gun - Tony Scott (1986)

"I feel the need - the need for speed."

I dream about a jacket like this <3 It was very popular when the movie came out as well as the Top Gun hats similar to this one.

Aww... not. Nice scene though (except Tom -.-).