sobota, 29 października 2011

Transformers 3 (2011)

I've always been amazed by the choice of clothing in the Transformers series and how clean the main girl character stays after all this running, fighting, screaming, sweating (or sorry. pretty girls DO NOT sweat even when giant robots attac their planet and try to kill them. They just don't). 
Maybe it's unprofessional watching but when I was checking out the new (ok ok it's not SO new and hot but relatively new) Transformers (vol. 3) after about an hour or so I didn't find the action so amazing as the clothes that Carly was wearing and SHOES that were the real TRANSFORMERS of this movie.

Flats. Unflattering but appropriate for running from the giant robots. WE ALL SHOULD HAVE THEM JUST IN CASE LADIES.

Pow! Transformers! (chaugldsknvsiogSUIGAFJVHjJKSFCDJA - the sounds that robots make) Heels! I just can not get over this heels. HEELS! Really?!  I understand that she should be pretty all the time to attract the audience and she's a model but... REALLY?!

And ofc the most hidden mystery of all the Transformers movies: WHAT WASHING POWDER DO GIRLS OF TRANSFORMERS USE?! Their clothes always stay so clean and polish. It's amazing. Simply amazing.

To be fully polish I should complain/make fun of the make up in this movies. HOW?! WHY?! WHAT?!
It stays untouched. It's so unfair. I wish I could be pretty all the time, even if I'm about to die or massive building is about to drop on my head. But no, my hair-do and make up hardly survive me going out if it's a tiny wind outside. Damn.

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